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Love Trafficker Yoga

Vinyasa - Power Flow
Inversion/Arm Balance Lessons
Group and Private Instruction

Rian Basilio Yoga Bio

     Rian grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii in a small town called Waikoloa and currently resides in Manhattan Beach, CA.  From a very young age he found a passion for art and performance.  That passion was strongly cultivated by his parents as they encouraged him to constantly explore new ways of self-expression and creativity.  Whether it was through team sports, music, dancing hula, surfing, martial arts or acting, Rian was constantly immersed in activities that exercised both his mind and body.  

     In 2015, Rian began studying yoga at The Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach. It wasn’t long before he realized the deep love he felt for his practice and quickly enrolled in the Yoga Mittra Teacher Training Program; where he received his 200hr certification.  Since then, Rian has been on a constant journey seeking new ways to strengthen and deepen his practice both spiritually and physically.   In his classes he mixes in his martial arts and hula background to create a uniquely strong, dynamic and beautiful flow that is approachable to any yogi.  Rian’s ultimate goal is to help his fellow yogis find balance and harmony in all aspects of their life on and off the mat.

Training Resume
Yoga Mittra - 200hr Teacher Training
Light on Lotus - 30hr Creative Sequencing Training
Red Diamond Yoga - 25hr Teacher Training

Summer Yoga Retreat
June 16th - 23rd

   Start Your Summer in Beautiful Exotic Croatia with Amanda Murphy & Rian Basilio. Come explore the Adriatic Sea and see why it is Europe’s most sought after summer destination. Experience the vibrant culture of Croatia through nourishment, tranquility and connection. Discover island life in the most peaceful part of Bol, surrounded by lush pine forests and crystal clear blue sea.


     Indulge in a week of Yoga, Meditation, Thai massage, feel-good vinyasa flow, restorative and partner yoga


June 16-23th 2017

     Come spend this week enjoying the amazing blue sea and rich culture while using the opportunity to rediscover your playful self. 


     Experience Croatia with 2 of your favorite teachers and friends!


Retreat Includes:


  • 7 nights Lodging at Beachside Hotel

  • 3 daily wholesome local healthy dishes, fresh caught seafood, as well as vegetarian and vegan options

  • 2 daily yoga practices, prepared for the playful summer season

  • Daily Sunrise walk along the most photgraphed beach in Croatia.

  • Exploration of historical Landmarks of Croatia

  • Visiting other near by islands

  • Endless Beach, Pool time and water activities

  • Nearby Hiking and wildlife

  • Limitless nature, abundant wildlife, peaceful contemplation and free time completely off-the grid if you choose.

  • Optional Excursions to be added at further date or relax and unwind with Spa Massage Treatments not included but available upon request.

Why Brac Island, Croatia?


     Brač is the largest Dalmatian island, with 394 km2 of land area, 12 km wide and about 40 km long. Like a huge ship, the island of Brač is a picturesque archipelago between the islands of Hvar and the city of Split. The pointy top of the island of Brač is the 780 m high Vidova gora Hill, the highest peak on Croatia’s Adriatic islands.  Beautiful views of the sunlit sea extend from the top of Vidova gora.  The unpredictable play of light creates fascinating sights such as idyllic plains dotted with sheep herds. The island of Brač is excellent for relaxation, health, sleeping and dreaming.


     Bol and Brač have a typical Mediterranean climate – characterized by long, humid and dry summers and short, wet winters.  During summer, the winds are not cold and the afternoon mistral (northwesterly wind) that blows from the sea in addition to the evening burin (north-northeastern wind) from the Brač hills both offer pleasant refreshment.


     The island is Rich with Cultural Heritage.  The civilization of Brač is marked by a centennial tradition that bears testimony to Roman agriculture and Renaissance architecture inspired by the island’s landscape and aesthetics. You will experience something authentic when arriving in the south of the country, visiting an island that is infused with the scents of Mediterranean vegetation and rich cultural heritage.

Ever since ancient times, stone has been dug out of Brač quarries and used to build notable buildings, the most famous one being Diocletian’s Palace in Split.  

     During their reign on the island, the Romans built farmhouses, presses for grapes and olives, ponds (watering-places for animals) and quays. Notable Roman remains include two large Roman mausoleums and many scattered pre-Christian and Early Christian sarcophagi.

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