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Rian Basilio ART

     I began painting in 2013 because of my friend and fellow musician Josh Cardinali.  When I first met Josh he always had really dope paintings on all of his cases and amps.  Art that he made himself.  I remember seeing a piece one day that he painted on the inside of his pedal case.  It was this beautiful woman with long flowing hair.  I was just in awe of the skill and depth of the piece.  In my ever growing urge to find new and exciting ways to express myself artistically, i finally asked Josh to teach me the technique of spray painting stencils that he used.  From my very first canvas I was hooked.  I began designing and painting pieces on a weekly basis.  Soon after I began to sell my work to friends and family.  That grew into being approached by people to do custom work.  

     Fast forward to 2016 and I am painting on an almost full time basis.  The biggest and most challenging piece I have done so far is a 3 story tall x 130ft. long wall mural for an Interior design company named Tangram Interiors.  That job brought Josh and I full circle as we both designed and executed the piece together. Below you can watch a time lapse video of us painting that mural.  The gallery to the left consists of some of my favorite pieces over the last 3 years.


Contact me anytime with inquiries for custom art.

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