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Tuntadun Films

     Tuntadun(adj.):  Hawaiian pidgin slang term, describing a person with the air of braggadocio.  Someone who is overly confident, big headed, smug and cocky. The term is believed to be derived from the comic book like trumpet sound of a superhero coming to save the day. 

     On Mar. 1, 2013 Rian and Conrad Lihilihi published their first video to the TUNTADUN FILMS youtube channel. The idea to name the project "Tunatadun Films" came from Rian's father.  When Rian was younger, his father would constantly say "no ack tuntadun wit me you faka!" or some variation there of. Its that same alpha male, comical attitude that spawned the infamous "Bruddah Cobrah"character, the channels most loved and recognizable Hawaiian moke. Through their comedy Rian and Conrad and seek to bring a little bit of Aloha spirit to a sometimes stressful and crazy life.

Find all the Tuntadun Films videos on our YOUTUBE page.  Give them a like and follow on FACEBOOK.

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